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Why are Bugaboo strollers babies’ favorite rides?

Why are Bugaboo strollers babies’ favorite rides?

Having a newborn in your family is a fascinating and joyful experience for all of the family members. Parents often feel happy and overwhelmed (all at once) with the list of the things they need to buy and prepare for their little bundle of joy. Jumpsuits, wraps, nappies, socks, towels and baby blankets are never enough, or so it feels at first. But a good quality baby bed and comfortable baby and toddler stroller are essentials you should consider necessary from the moment you bring your baby home.

When it comes to baby and toddler strollers, high quality, lightweight, quick, and effortless unfolding, and comfort are the most important things you should aim for.

Modern and comfy yet easy to handle, Bugaboo offers stroller models that are beneficial not only for newborns or toddlers (up to 50 lbs.) but also for parents. Bugaboo strollers provide everything you need. Simply put, such a stroller will help you save a great deal of energy and give your child the proper coziness whenever you need to take them out in the park, to the doctor, or just out in nature to enjoy a beautiful spring sun.

Advantages of owning a Bugaboo baby and toddler stroller

There are several reasons to choose a Bugaboo stroller, as not all stroller models will offer all of the features you will need and want. Here are some of them.

Bugaboo strollers are a safe way to travel with your child.

A little bump on the road is all it takes to shake and wake your baby up, and uneven terrain near busy traffic is more than a hazardous action to take if you don’t have a high-quality baby stroller to use. When used properly and following Bugaboo’s operating instructions, these strollers provide a high level of safety.

Whether you choose the Bugaboo Butterfly Lightweight Travel Stroller, Bugaboo Fox5 stroller, Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Stroller, Bugaboo Lynx Mineral Collection Complete, Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono or Duo Complete Stroller, or Bugaboo Donkey 5 Twin Complete Stroller, you can rest assured that your child will be safe during your daily walks.

However, it is always a good idea to learn and understand the proper use of the brakes, harnesses, and other stroller elements for your specific model before first using it.

Bugaboo strollers also come with extra accessories to provide a comfortable ride for your child in just about any kind of weather. You can choose some of those accessories based on the weather conditions occurring in the area you live in or travel through so you can ensure your little one is always protected from unexpected harsh wind, cold winter snow, hot summer sun or sudden heavy rain.

Easily accessible stroller storage basket

Easily accessible stroller storage basket

The stroller’s storage basket is a very important part of the stroller. It is a handy and helpful solution to store all the necessary baby items parents may need when heading out with their baby or toddler. All the Bugaboo baby and toddler Strollers have large storage compartments below the seat that can carry several things such as wipes, diapers, extra clothes, toys, etc. Moreover, there is a Bugaboo organizer available in four colors that is compatible with every Bugaboo stroller model except the Bugaboo Ant.

This organizer is made of water-repellent materials. It includes three easy-access pockets on the outside and two zippered pockets to keep your keys and your phone safely stored, and it easily converts to a hand tote bag in case you need it.

Helpful solution against the stress off your back

Bugaboo baby and toddler strollers are mindfully designed to carry the weight of babies and provide comfortable and safe rides for them so that parents don’t always need to carry them in their arms and expose their backs to a lot of stress, which can cause uncomfortable and painful back straining.

This is especially beneficial for parents who may have a history of back pain issues or need to walk long distances from point A to point B with their baby or toddler. Not only does a stroller help carry a child, but you can also store a lot of additional items, such as groceries, in the storage basket. The main point is avoiding physical exertion that may cause extra stress on your back.

Aside from the comfort, safety, and flexible storage, other features that most of the Bugaboo strollers include are an easy one-hand compact fold, a reversible seat that can be reclined facing front or back, an effortless rotating carry handle, high-quality eco-friendly water repellent fabrics, car seat adapters. These strollers are made sustainably with Bio-base plastics, and suitable for children up to 50lbs.

Whether you are headed for a short trip out in the park or an extended walk as part of your fitness routine, your baby or toddler can rest comfortably and grab an afternoon nap on the go.